Exploring and expressing her passion for music through violin, Masƨa quickly established herself as one of the up and coming performers in the electric violin genre. With her innovative approach to music, she amazes with an unparalleled ability to connect with audience and strong stage appearance, where she implements her persona into the act to accompany the music story she tells.

Masƨa has been inspired by music from her early childhood and had a strong bond with violin ever since. Starting in her home country of Slovenia, she got her first violin at age five and made her first apperance on national violin competition at the age of eight. Later on, she was taking part in master classes with several established professors in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Germany. Through her academic development she has been training technically and musically to achieve a level of deep understanding and ability to master the instrument. Study of musicology enabled her to experience and correctly analyze different musical genres, from classical aspect to world music and popular music studies. This influence has given her the ability to perform and adopt each piece accordingly to its specifications, and to carefully nest it into the right environment. It has resulted in her wide range of repertoire.

The turning point revealed itself when she moved to Berlin for two years to work and study. The influence that outlined the course of her musical evolution soon became electronic music, genre that is highly developed there. It offered her new possibilities for exploration of sound dimensions which resulted in innovative performances that inspire and excite wide audiences.

She always felt strong connection to music with deep emotional expression, so it’s no wonder that one of her great passions is film music, which is increasingly involved in her repertoire. As a very lively and passionate person, ever since her young age, Masƨa has been drawn to Latin music, whose influences can also be perceived in her musical creation.

Since her return to Slovenia, she made a career breakthrough with many performances and collaborations with different musicians and DJs such as Maja Keuc – Amaya, Raiven, Vanillaz, Kosta Radman, Ain TheMachine and many others. Abroad she already made appearances in London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Austria and Croatia.






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